Choosing A Bankruptcy Lawyer.

adphoto22seriousbwIf you’re considering bankruptcy in the Denver area you have plenty of choices when it comes to a lawyer. I urge you to meet with at least two bankruptcy lawyers before you make a decision. Lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers in particular, come with different levels of experience and attitudes toward the practice of bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy law is a place where the business of law meets the profession of law squarely. Some bankruptcy lawyers are in essence running a discount bankruptcy petition mill, where quality suffers. This can end up costing you more than you saved by hiring these questionable lawyers in the first instance. Filing a bankruptcy will effect your entire financial future and therefore you should take the time to choose a bankruptcy lawyer wisely.

Price, while important, should NOT be your primary focus. A bankruptcy lawyer who takes time with clients and is interested in providing the best possible outcome in all aspects of your bankruptcy will need to charge you for that service. A bankruptcy lawyer who is simply interested in filing as many cases as possible will not take as much, if any, time with you and instead will rely on time saving and cost cutting procedures which are not in your best interest. If you’re looking at getting rid of 20, 30, 40 or 100 thousand dollars of debt, does it really matter much if a decent lawyer is $200 more?

A professional, experienced bankruptcy lawyer will have a decent reputation with the bankruptcy judges and trustees. I have developed, I hope, a solid reputation with these people and because they know I do things correctly, my cases tend to go smoothly. In your bankruptcy matter, do you really want the person representing you to have ten other cases that day? Do you want them to be the subject of disciplinary investigations with the State Bar or with the Bankruptcy Court? Do you want them to quote you $500 on the phone only to find out it’s more when you get to their office?

The solution to all of this is simply to shop around, and not for a $100 price difference with the fee, when considering bankruptcy. Ask around about a person’s reputation, read about that person on the internet, and most importantly take the time to go to a free consultation or three before deciding. Decent bankruptcy lawyers will meet with you, discuss the entire case before setting a fee, and be happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Someone interested primarily in the business of law, will rely on staff to “sign you up,” will happily quote a low fee and will generally not have much time for you and your bankruptcy questions.

All that said, I completely understand that going broke is expensive, as it were, and I can help you for a reasonable, professional fee that makes sense and will save you money in the long run. Come see why. Happy New Year Colorado, we’re going to do great things this year !!

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