New, Increased Filing Fees For Bankruptcy in Colorado

adfixedgreenPeriodically the filing fees in U.S. federal and state courts in Colorado change. The District of Colorado Bankruptcy Court will be increasing its fees for filing and general services. The new rates took effect June 1, 2014. 

Some of the more common filing fees are now as follows for common types of cases/ issues: Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado $335, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Colorado $ 310, Chapter 11 $1717, filing an adversary proceeding $350, filing an amendment to add creditors $30, and a motion to reopen a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Colorado now costs $260 to file.

Preparation is the key to success in any legal matter, and meeting with your bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible to determine the appropriate chapter of the Bankruptcy Code to use, and which fee(s) will apply, will help your case go smoothly right from the beginning. Though I welcome emergency filings, coming up with a good deal of money to get the case filed, in a short amount of time, just adds to the stress Debtors are facing. Call for a free initial consultation if you feel a bankruptcy may be necessary. I will discuss the fees and costs with you at the outset so that you can plan ahead. Unlike many things in life filing fees and legal fees paid for bankruptcy in Colorado, have a guaranteed return. In a way it is actually better than “free.” I can help. – Robert Gauss, Esq. (303) 501-4028 Direct. (303) 670-4242 Denver West Office Park : I-70 and Denver West Blvd.

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