Claiming a Brighter Future by Truly Forgiving Yourself for a Bankruptcy!

Those who have never filed for bankruptcy protection assume that the debtors have made a mess of their lives. Overspending, poor decisions, and recklessness are assumed to be the cause. Having practiced for 15 years, I know that nothing could be further from the truth.

The primary causes of bankruptcy filings in my practice are overpriced housing and medical debt, combined with random personal financial disasters, such as a car that needs expensive repair.

My clients are NOT irresponsible.

The cost of housing in Coloradom the Denver area in particular, is increasing, and many are upside down on our mortgages. The cost of medical care is another big factor, even insured people have trouble when facing a serious illness or injury in Colorado. In short, life is expensive. The financial crises has turned retirement plan savings into mush. In short, the playing field is far from favorable for the consumer these days.

Explaining the causes of bankruptcy, why you are in the spot you are in, has always been fairly easy for me. I do not judge my clients, but explaining that a person is not a bad person, just because they have had bad luck with financial matters, has always been a part of my practice. I am now recognizing however, just how important it is to really own the fact that you have not done anything wrong by having to file.

Bankruptcy is stressful. I can help with that. I do so every day. But, what I am looking to really do for clients is to have them really understand that they are not losers, that the past is gone. There are two ways to look at it, once you have filed a bankruptcy: (1) “I made all sorts of mistakes and I screwed up!” Or, (2) the more favorable and accurate view, “Things went wrong and I tried, but that is really behind me now, and I look forward to the future.”

The past is gone folks, I can help you through a bankruptcy. I have been doing that for 15 years. But I want you to honestly forgive yourself for having to file. I want you to really own the fact that while you may not be perfect, there are a lot of challenges for the consumer in today’s world. Forgive yourself. Move on! It is the only path to a brighter financial future.

 Have you filed bankruptcy with this firm? Would you like to talk about things going forward? I am here to help with that. Anyone who paid my legal fee and put their trust in me deserves as much, I would be happy to hear how you are doing and provide some encouragement. Many of you inspire me as well! This is especially true of my brave clients who face chronic illness.

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