Choosing A Bankruptcy Lawyer.

If you’re considering bankruptcy in the Denver area you have plenty of choices when it comes to a lawyer. I urge you to meet with at least two bankruptcy lawyers before you make a decision. Lawyers, and bankruptcy lawyers in particular, come with different levels of experience and attitudes toward the practice of bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy law is a place where the business of law meets the profession of law squarely. Some bankruptcy lawyers are in essence running a discount bankruptcy petition mill, where quality suffers. This can end up costing you more than you saved by hiring these clowns in the first instance. Filing a bankruptcy will effect your entire financial future and therefore you should take the time to choose a bankruptcy lawyer wisely.

Price, while important, should NOT be your primary focus. A bankruptcy lawyer who takes time with clients and is interested in providing the best possible outcome in all aspects of your bankruptcy will need to charge you for that service. A bankruptcy lawyer who is simply interested in filing as many cases as possible will not take as much, if any, time with you and instead will rely on time saving and cost cutting procedures which are not in your best interest. If you’re looking at getting rid of 20, 30, 40 or 100 thousand dollars of debt, does it really matter much if a decent lawyer is $200 more?

A professional, experienced bankruptcy lawyer will have a decent reputation with the bankruptcy judges and trustees. I have developed, I hope, a solid reputation with these people and because they know I do things correctly, my cases tend to go smoothly. In your bankruptcy matter, do you really want the person representing you to have ten other cases that day? Do you want them to be the subject of disciplinary investigations with the State Bar or with the Bankruptcy Court? Do you want them to quote you $500 on the phone only to find out it’s more when you get to their office?

The solution to all of this is simply to shop around, and not for a $100 price difference with the fee, when considering bankruptcy. Ask around about a person’s reputation, read about that person on the internet, and most importantly take the time to go to a free consultation or three before deciding. Decent bankruptcy lawyers will meet with you, discuss the entire case before setting a fee, and be happy to answer whatever questions you may have. Someone interested primarily in the business of law, will rely on staff to “sign you up,” will happily quote a low fee and will generally not have much time for you and your bankruptcy questions.

All that said, I completely understand that going broke is expensive, as it were, and I can help you for a reasonable, professional fee that makes sense and will save you money in the long run. Come see why. Happy New Year Colorado, we’re going to do great things this year !!

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Don’t Delay if You Think a Bankrutpcy May Be Necessary

As a bankruptcy lawyer, for almost 20 years now, I can tell when people do need to file and when they may not need to file for bankruptcy. Communicating the need to file bankruptcy is however, a challenge. This is fundamentally because people do not want to have to file for bankruptcy. Because of that, people often hide their heads in the sand and delay.

Unfortunately, delay in filing the case may complicate things and end up costing you more in the long run. Firstly, if you are going to be unable to catch up on your credit cards because of the interest and are going to need to file eventually anyway, any money you pay to the credit card companies are wasted funds you could have saved for your new life free of debt.

Secondly, delay in filing bankruptcy can lead to judgements and garnishments and attachments of bank account funds. This is of course very stressful and disruptive to your level of peace and hopefulness, and that effects everything, even your health. Moreover, since a judgement in Colorado becomes a lien against all of your property, having a judgment can make your bankruptcy case in Colorado a bit more complex and expensive. Your lawyer can usually remove the lien by filing a motion to avoid a judgement lien in the Colorado Bankruptcy Court.

Third, making an early decision to file bankruptcy can help you address payments to things that will have to be paid anyway. This is the case with student loans and most taxes. Of all creditors, tax authorities are the most dangerous, if a bankruptcy is going to be necessary anyway, it makes sense to at least have a plan to deal with the taxes, rather than to be running to county court to pay $50 on a credit card that is never going to be paid off in any event.

I hope this article helps someone out there make an early decision to file, in a circumstance where filing makes sense of course. I offer a free consultation for potential bankruptcy clients and as I say sometimes bankruptcy isn’t the answer and I’ll tell you as much. It’s private and free, and I can guarantee you I can give you one tip, about bankruptcy and about your consumer finances that will save you a ton of money and provide a safety net for the rest of your life. This is something most bankruptcy lawyers know, but don’t take the time to tell people.

Lastly, meeting with a quality bankrutpcy lawyer can help dispell incorrect beliefs you may have about bankruptcy, which many people learn from old and now incorrect information on the internet, or from well meaning friends and relatives who do not know the law. I hope this not finds everyone well, thanks for taking the time to read it.

I can be reached at (303) 501- 4028 direct or (303) 670-4242 office.

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Chosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer in the Denver Area

When you’re considering filing for bankruptcy protection in Colorado there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. During this stressful time, it is critical that you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney, one who knows his or her way around the Colorado Bankruptcy Court. Here are a number of questions you should be prepared to ask a potential bankruptcy lawyer.

1. How long have you been practicing bankruptcy law? In general you want a lawyer with many years of experience to handle your case. Bankruptcy, despite what you may read, is complex and knowing the ins and outs of a bankruptcy situation in Colorado can save you money and aggravation.

2. Do I need to file for bankruptcy? Many bankruptcy lawyers will happily take your money in almost any circumstance. Some debts may be beyond the time allowed for collection by the statue of limitations, and some Debtors may only have exempt assets and thus not need to file, or it may be appropriate to wait for a different time to file, such is often the case with debtors who are facing expensive future medical treatment.

3. What is the fee and what is included? Here you must be very careful. First, many lawyers lie in their advertising about bankruptcy fees. They may claim the fee is $500 but when you get to the office you are required to purchase credit counseling or a credit report, or what have you, for additional fees. Bankruptcy law in Denver and Colorado is extremely competitive. Unfortunately, this has lead some bankruptcy lawyers to act in a very dishonest and greedy manner. Hire a professional who will be straight with you about the fee.

4. What is included in the fee if trouble develops? Done correctly a bankruptcy in Colorado generally goes smoothly, you appear at Court once, and file the required documents with the Bankruptcy Court at the direction of your lawyer. If the case is complex or you get audited, the fee agreement you sign should spell out what is, and is not, included in the initial fee. Here again, there is no substitute for experience in bankruptcy law and a good lawyer will have a fee agreement that is fair with regard to extra work.

5. What is the best way to contact you? Your lawyer should generally be available by cell or email. You will have questions and concerns during your case and in preparing your case. Many lawyers, and in particular the lawyers with the lowest fees, rely exclusively on staff to deal with clients. You don’t want that. You are paying for a lawyer, not to simply interact with staff, so insist on contact with your bankruptcy lawyer. An incorrect answer from someone who is not a trained lawyer can be expensive for you, so insist on answers from a qualified bankruptcy lawyer in Colorado. Do not let the temptation to pay as little as possible lead you down the road to basically having a secretary as your lawyer. Bankruptcy is a legal matter and can be complex, there is a reason that a law license is necessary, so be sure to get qualified help.


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