Bankruptcy Services, Pricing Considerations

“$799 to file!” “$499 to start!” “Cheap and fast!,” etc. All of this sounds great when you are in need of a bankruptcy. But consider the reality. A decent professional is not going to charge you a cut rate to handle a legal matter that will effect your entire financial life. Do you really want to pay the price of a cheap lawn chair for your bankruptcy? Maybe you don’t, and here’s why:

Lawyers who charge so little do not have a. the time to give each case the attention it deserves and/ or b. the experience or ability necessary to give the case the attention it deserves. Bankruptcy is complex. From the initial decision to file, to pre-bankruptcy planning, to post petition issues, you need real, quality help. Most of the time a lawyer doing things right will be able to save you at least the amount you would’ve saved by going to a “cheap” lawyer.

Likewise, when I go to Bankruptcy Court, I regularly see the consequences caused by treating bankruptcy law like a hamburger stand. Improperly completed paperwork, undisclosed assets, time and expense to the client. Lately, and I kid you not, some of these cut rate lawyers have made themselves so busy that they are literally missing court appearances.

Do this most of all: meet with a few lawyers before you file. Ask questions about the law, your situation, office procedures, and the lawyer’s level of experience with bankruptcy. All good bankruptcy lawyers will welcome this. You will not find them frustrated or pressed for time or put upon, you will find them full of decent answers as to why they want to charge you a fair rate.

Poor bankruptcy lawyers will not have the right answers, and they will seem put upon by going through an “interview.” Most of all, meeting someone gives you a chance to get a real feel for their humanity. Does this person care? Your decision will become an easy one.

Quite frankly, when I get calls from people who already have a lawyer, but who cannot get that lawyer to return calls, I am often unsurprised when I hear the names. What did you expect? This person is charging you a fee appropriate for a used televison, so did you really expect a return call at 6:30 on a Friday?

You are already in a jam, and I know it’s hard to come up with the money to file, but I can guarantee you that it is well worth it. Where else in this life are you going to spend X, to get a 10x to 100x, return on your money. Bankruptcy is IT for people who need it. It’s the best deal you will ever get in your life, I guarantee it! ( to use a salesman type phrase, it’s irony folks. But seriously, it IS the best deal you will ever get)

A professional acts accordingly, a professional charges a fair rate, a rate that allows the case to receive real attention. I am available at (303) 670-4242. Robert Gauss.

(To this extent this is advertising for bankruptcy service I am required to state that I am a debt relief agency and that I help people file for bankruptcy under the US Bankruptcy Code. So there).

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