Bankruptcy and Your Emotions


Do not feel badly about having to file bankruptcy. Many successful people have had to file a case at some point in their lives. We are raised to pay our bills in our society, but the founding fathers also provided this safety net to citizens so that they can get a fresh start when needed. The bankruptcy code also promotes business and economic growth by providing the ability to start over in certain circumstances.

The emotional cost of bankruptcy case be enormous for many people, and it’s important that you find a lawyer that understands and will listen to your particular situation. Remember that bankruptcy lawyers are American consumers as well. We know that the car breaks, that medical costs and education can bury a family. In particular, in Denver we regularly see working people paying 50% and upwards of their net monthly income on housing. We’ve seen it many times and lived it ourselves. A good lawyer has empathy, do not feel you are being judged. We are here to help.

Often times emotional stress is generational, with older family members not understanding today’s world. We are no longer in a place where employees have a safe steady job until age 65 and then retire. That still happens but it is now the exception, not the rule. There is no reason to feel judged by someone who has not walked a mile in your shoes.

With older Americans, there is often a huge resistance to filing bankruptcy. This is ironic because often times persons closest to retirement are the people most in need of bankruptcy relief. They have little time to recover and build retirement savings, and the debt can be like an anchor dragging them down year after year. They also typically have less need for a good credit rating, though filing bankruptcy often helps your credit rating.

People can find life after bankruptcy much more enjoyable, and much less stressful. Living with debt and stress can quite literally make you sick and or kill a person. In a world where large businesses regularly reorganize using the bankruptcy laws, consumers should not feel badly about having to resort to the same laws for help. Bankruptcy is a financial decision, not an emotional one. Meet with a qualified lawyer to explore your options sooner rather than later. No one can answer the question “Should I file,” but you. Good lawyers recommend and advise, they do not pressure and force.

Another aspect of bankruptcy and emotions is the relationship with your bankruptcy lawyer.  You should trust your bankruptcy lawyer, and your bankruptcy lawyer should trust you.

It is easy to go for the cheapest solution and let the emotional stress of bankruptcy lead you to unproductive interactions with attorneys. The cheapest solution is often cheap for a reason. It’s completely human to ask how am I supposed to pay for this, given I am already struggling financially? So ask, a good bankruptcy lawyer can answer. He or she can answer well. We can show you why a reasonable fee is necessary and in your best interest. We also understand that the fee issue is an emotional issue, you will be treated fairly and well by a qualified and empathetic lawyer. You ought feel good about the skill and work given by a law firm to your matter. You ought feel that the cost was appropriate to your circumstance.

No two bankruptcy lawyers are the same, and no two bankruptcy clients are the same. There’s a good deal to know, consider and explain in even a “simple” bankrutpcy case. Choose your lawyer rationally and carefully, let facts and reason dictate your choice and don’t let your emotions drive you to the worst bankruptcy mill type lawyers.

I want to repeat that this article is NOT a justification for expensive bankruptcy services, our fees are reasonable. It is a explanation of the emotional aspects of choosing a bankruptcy lawyer. Please call and we will offer you a bankruptcy fee appropriate to your particular circumstance.

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