Coronavirus, One Lawyer’s Advice

If you would like a video/smartphone consult please call 303 501 4028. There is a good deal of effort cleaning the office, and so far we’re not ill down here. But, it may make perfect sense to use the telephone, email, and video conferencing to make arrangements. The bankruptcy courts are converting some hearings to telephonic. We ALL may be in for a hard time here. Reach out to the elderly and people who live alone. If I can help in any way let me know. Meantime; eat well, get rest, self isolate where possible and rely on solid info only. Meditation and exercise can also help with stress. Might be time to read that book you’ve wanted to read, or do what have you in the way of self care. Key is to keep it together, and remain calm, and rational. If the wheels are coming off your financial situation, let me know we can plan to minimize likely damage, and keep you on the road. If you’re feeling unwell, reach out. Rob. 303 501 4028. 


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