COVID 19 – Practice Update

To My Clients (COVID-19) Notice:

1. With the uncertainty surrounding COVID – 19, and potential court closures and delays- I wanted to update you all on how this will affect the practice.

2. I will be in the office going forward as per usual. I am happy to continue my appointments and have extensively cleaned the meeting area(s) just as a matter of common sense. The building itself is doing extra cleaning during the day. (I personally clean the office area(s) so no one outside the firm ever has access to your information).

3. I am paying attention to the government response with an eye toward explaining any relief programs the government may offer and hope to be able to communicate those to you effectively once they are announced.

4. Where we don’t want to proceed normally is where:

a. you are sick
b. someone in your household is sick
c. you have an underlying heart or lung condition
d. you simply do not want to “risk it,” and feel better staying

I have downloaded What’s App, Google Duo and Zoom to my cell phone, and you might want to do the same so that you can “meet” with myself or others through videoconferencing.

If you do come in, I will be skipping handshakes and may move some appointments to the downstairs conference room (where there is a marble table easily cleaned).

5. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and understand your health is of primary importance. Even the Courts may be adjusting schedules and procedures to deal with this crisis, but we will get there together.

6. If you’re experiencing abnormal levels of anxiety and stress be sure to take care of yourself first. This is crucial to the body’s immune response. Drink plenty of water and get rest. You may consider meditating for a bit each day, just sitting for ten minutes and concentrating on your breath.

7. If you’re an existing client, please do not hesitate to ask for help with ANY problem you may have. If you need groceries, a ride, need to talk, etc. I’m here, I’m happy to help where I can. 303 501 4028- Robert 3/14/20

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