How Much Should Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Cost?

Apples and Oranges

There is a lot of price competition in the bankruptcy world these days. Many law firms have created “bankruptcy mills,” where the goal is to file as many cases as possible. Usually, you can identify these firms by their $499 to start advertising. A search of the public court records reveals that these firms almost never actually charge that amount. They are baiting and switching.

You should be asking what you are getting for your legal fee, be it $499, $699, or $2500. Many firms rely exclusively on secretaries and other staff to crank out bankruptcies. There is nothing wrong with that in appropriate cases and where the lawyer is also participating in the matter. Problem is, many times the lawyer is NOT participating in the matter. You thought you hired a lawyer, but you are getting a document preparation service.

The fees at this firm always depend on the complexity of each case. I bring 15 years of bankruptcy experience to each and every matter. Often times, some point of law or experience is found which saves the client money in their bankruptcy. You can also relax and know that the process will be explained to you, compassionately.

I would ask that you think about the adjectives used in legal marking, and ask yourself which are better when it comes to a professional service: Is “fast” better than “accurate” ?, Is “cheap” better than “experienced”, Is pricing like “$499 to start” or ” $99 down” really the kind of thing you want to hear from your lawyer?

You are restructuring your entire financial life. Spend some time with the decision of whom to hire. Meet a few lawyers. I hope I am one of them, I would be glad to help. (303) 670-4242 Robert Gauss, Esq. 4/24/11.

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