Client Testimonials

”Having great a great credit score for all of my adult life, I never thought I would have to declare bankruptcy. But after a divorce and a layoff, I was left with no choice. I was scared, worried and terrified. Mr. Gauss understood and from the beginning told me exactly what to expect and what I needed to know and helped me through that difficult time.” R.Y. Dec. 2007

“I called about five law firms and visited one before I chose Robert. Right off the bat I was glad I got to talk to a laywer and not a paralegal. That was the most important and helpful thing about Robert from the beginning and it helped from the day I hired him until this day, years after my bankruptcy. He will still return a call if I have a question. I would highly recommend Robert Gauss to anyone considering a bankruptcy.” Randy, June 2009.

“From the second Robert Gauss took my case I felt as if things were going to be alright. He is punctual and thorough, and will ask for a lot of information. When I got to court I saw how the other lawyers didn’t seem to have the forms filled out correctly, I was even more glad that I had hired Robert. I also noticed he seems to know the trustees and other lawyers. He has a good reputation. Great lawyer, very satisfied.” Mary, Lakewood, Dec 2010.


“I struggled for the longest time with the decision to go ahead and file for bankruptcy. It was a matter of pride to me. Rob helped me make the correct decision with sympathy and understanding. Very decent guy. Very understanding and patient.” Ed, Golden 2009.

I can only recommend Rob and his team. With him I always felt taken care of. He was actually the second lawyer I hired, but the first one never returned my phone calls and didn’t seem to care. Robert helped me to a successful discharge. He also made me feel like I was his only client, the other lawyer had tons of cases and I really felt out of place. Rob is an excellent choice for someone who really needs their lawyer to work one on one. Worth every penny.” G.D. Denver, April 2009.

Statement from Robert Gauss, Esq.

If you are a current client and are pleased with things, by all means send me a testimonial. That is always greatly appreciated. There is a good deal of price competition in the bankruptcy market, and many do not know what they are doing. It is very important that I can point to satisfied clients, it helps me explain why I charge what I do and why the fees are reasonable. Please send any testimonials to and thank you!

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