Will I Have To Go To Court?

The debtor and his or her attorney normally only in appear once at the Bankruptcy Court for the “meeting of the creditors.” During this hearing creditors may ask the debtor questions about his or her property, although normally no creditors appear at the hearing. The Chapter 7 or 13 Trustee also attends the meeting of the creditors and may ask the debtor questions

about his or her property. Normally, the debtor receives a discharge in bankruptcy and the case is over 60 days from the meeting of the creditors, which is usually 30 days after the case is filed and the entire process therefore takes around 3 months. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy usually follows a similar process, but the repayment period is usually 6o months. The good news is that the automatic stay gives a debtor the protection of the Bankruptcy Court immediately upon filing the case!